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There is a variety of explanations why SUVs have been so popular in recent years – a demand boom that has blasted SUVs passed minivans and large sedans as the favorite family vehicle. SUVs are more effective, fuel effective, compact, and simple to manage compared to minivans. The SUVs are also more efficient, more powerful, more driving-friendly, and spacious than large sedans. It is precisely where we shall concentrate when we inform you about the interior specifications, especially the legroom, that render the 2021 Toyota RAV4 spacious enough for the entire family, regardless of how long the trip will be.

If you want to feel comfortable in a new SUV, you must be confident that there is plenty of headroom and legroom – and you have plenty of headroom and legroom with a new Toyota RAV4. But now, we're more focused on how much legroom the RAV4 provides. The 2021 Toyota RAV4 lineup has front legroom of 42.6 inches. These wide bucket seats can comfortably accommodate wider passengers and tall passengers or those who have long legs. And that's in addition to 41 inches of the second row in the rear. Wide or tall adult passengers will have no problem sitting in the back for more extended periods, especially when you consider the ample padding and supportive bolstering in the rear-seat positions.

These are the legroom measurements of the standard RAV4 trim editions. Now we'll look what the legroom the plug-in-hybrid Prime version of the RAV4 has. 

On the front, the driver and passenger have enough space for stretching their legs, as the front measures 41 inches of legroom. The passengers who sit in the rear seats will use 37.8 inches, depending on how far back front passengers place their seat. With these measurements, you don't have to worry about legs wandering into other people's space. These figures of legroom are exactly the same as what the standard, non-hybrid Toyota RAV4 provides. 

The legroom measurements of the Hybrid Toyota RAV4 do not differ from those of the Prime model – 41 inches of front legroom and 37.8 inches of the rear legroom.

When you opt for an SUV, it's always interesting to compare the new generation's specs with the previous ones and decide which is better. The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 has been presented just recently, and now we know that it provides a spacious cabin and enough legroom. And what about the previous fourth generation of the RAV4? Did tall people have enough legroom to stretch their legs? 

If we take a look at the specs, we'll see that it had. The 2018 Toyota RAV4 had abundant legroom for wide and tall passengers. The front legroom was measured from 42.6 inches, and the rear seat passengers got 37.2 inches of legroom.

When we compare these two RAV4 generations, we'll admit that the legroom is almost the same. The exception is that the 2018 RAV4 has a little larger front legroom, while the 2021 RAV4 provides larger legroom in the rear.


Toyota RAV4 legroom measurements may be controversial unless you are using the constistent methodology for compasions, for example, with the front seats all the way back.

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