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Apart from consistent performance, affordable technologies, and safety features, the drivers looking for a big SUV want plenty of interior space and an elegant exterior. With the improved Honda CR-V dimensions, the drivers can be sure that their passengers and things remain safe with a vehicle designed for a smooth drive. Study more on the inside specs of the Honda CR-V, and then find your own CR-V!

One of the top interior specs that the SUV purchasers search for is roomy cabin space. The 2021 Honda CR-V has such a cabin - it comes with advanced cozy five-seating to make sure that every passenger will feel comfortable and relaxed during long traveling. You can judge for yourself - the Honda CR-V SUV offers a 60/40 split rear seatback. These seats are easy to fold down, so you'll customize the vehicle to fit your driving needs without any problem. The CR-V passenger space is 105.9 cubic feet - it's rather enough space for every passenger inside. 

All mentioned above is true for all four trim editions of the Honda CR-V - the LX, EX, EX-L, and the top-of-the-line Touring trim editions. The compact crossover SUV also provides two captain's chairs in the front seat and a bench row for three more behind the driver and passenger side.

The other thing about the cabin is the legroom. On long trips, you sometimes want to stretch out your legs and feel comfortable. Does the Honda CR-V provide this possibility? Below, we'll give you the answer.

When it comes to the legroom, the driver and the front-seat passenger has 41.3 inches of the legroom. It's relatively roomy for the front row. And what about the rear passengers? Can they feel relaxed while sitting in the rear seats? Our answer is "yes". The back passengers will enjoy the available legroom of 40.4 inches. This figure is the top of the class. If you opt for the Honda Hybrid CR-V model, you should know that the legroom measurements don't differ from those on the non-hybrid versions. However, the rear legroom figure can be less; it depends on how far back the people in front set their seats.

So now we can see that Honda has done all the best for the CR-V to give it the maximum comfort and space for its passengers, and the legroom is not the exception. To provide minimal intrusion into the legroom for the rear passengers in the middle seat, Honda has made the transmission tunnel as slim as it's possible. Where it's installed, the third-row seats are not well suitable for the grown adults, as the legroom is significantly limited if we compare it with the second row. However, they are large enough for children to sit on them regularly.

That's all. We've shared with you everything we know about the Honda CR-V legroom. We hope you have no questions left. And once you decide to select this SUV, we hope your choice will be much easier with this information. 


Honda CR-V legroom measurements may be controversial unless you are using the constistent methodology for compasions, for example, with the front seats all the way back.

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