What is our story?

When checking out the car`s interior at first sight you would probably not pay attention to legroom. However, once you start using the car on a daily basis, you might soon discover that legroom is not sufficient for your liking. This is why Legroom.org was set up - to help out people in finding the perfect car with ample front legroom available on the market today.

The wrong legroom will affect your driving severely! Thus, if it is too small, you will be constantly uncomfortable, your legs will ache and you will put on weight by tensing your thigh muscles all the time. Basically, the car is no more than a means of transportation for you then! This can be harmful to your overall health as well since poor blood circulation might lead to heart attacks due to insufficient oxygen supply.

On the other hand, if it is too big, leaning on the door might become an issue. Also, you will constantly nag about how big your car is and fail to fit into multi-story car parks or garages.

However, Legroom.org does not only concern itself with all these issues - but it also gives advice on what legroom size is recommended by experts in order the keep you safe while driving. You can easily find all the necessary information about the certain car just by adding your make, model, and year of manufacture. The site`s database was arranged thoroughly so that you will find almost everything!

Did you hear about our founder?

Hi, my name is Anthony Tomaszewski and I'm the founder of Legroom.org. After failing to buy a car with enough legroom, I realized there was a real need for a site like this. So, 10 years ago I gathered a team of car enthusiasts and founded this site. Now we help clients just like me find the perfect car for their needs!

Even though there are plenty of cars out there, it is still hard to find one that would offer enough space inside. Legroom might not seem like a big deal but once you need it - you realize what a blessing it is! So, don`t wait until one day your legs start hurting because of insufficient legroom - check all the info about cars on our site now and choose the best option suited for you!